How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Insight Into How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

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How long does cocaine stay in system

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How long cocaine stay in system

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Are you in the habit of taking cocaine? Do you know how long does cocaine stay in your system? Just get to know the critical facts about cocaine and as to how long does cocaine stay in your system in detail from this following article

Cocaine, also called as coke, coc, flake and toot is a habit forming excitant illicit drug and it is analogous to alcohol. Very limited intake of cocaine can relax your muscles and can pacify you by offering the relaxation and the comfort that you generally crave for. But if taken beyond limits, the drug can induce interference in your normal senses, blurred vision, stammered speech and much more.

The methodologies of intake include huffing, fuming and injecting. Cocaine can even be taken orally. Cocaine has the appearance of crystalline white powder. Usually cocaine is taken along with a mixture of powdered milk or sugar.

If you take cocaine, the drug tends to get retained in the organs of your systems for different time periods. A few factors that greatly influence this timeframe include:

· The amount of cocaine taken
· The strength of cocaine consumed
· The frequency in which you take this drug
· What are the other drugs to which you have got habituated to.
· Your sex and age
· Your tolerance level and rate of metabolism
· Your health conditions

Since all the above factors greatly influence the answer to the question as to how long does cocaine stay in your system, it becomes very difficult to answer this question right away.

If you really intend to pass drug tests, it’s very critical that you understand the answer to the question as to how long does cocaine stay in your system. Many people think that this drug tests out of the system in just 2-3 days. That is right but very often people don’t pass their drug tests even after this timeframe? The reason for this is due to the fact that the laboratory drug tests test for the benzoylecgonine, a metabolite that is produced in your body due to the consumption of cocaine. This byproduct tends to get retained in the body for a very long duration and proves to be the major cause of drug test failures.

Hair follicles are the only place where cocaine tends to stay even for years. Usually cocaine can be detected in your hair strands for a period of 90 days since intake. However, unusually and rarely, the drug has been detected in hair strands of human beings even after 25 years since consumption.

Detox products are the best and effective solution that can wipe out the cocaine present in your system with ease. So if you plan to appear for a drug test, choose the most popular and powerful detox procedure and opt for it if you really intend to pass the test comfortably.

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50 Responses to How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

  1. robert says:

    How long has cocaine stay in your body if you consume a small quantity one time in the last past 2 weeks?


  2. ElmiraStore says:

    4-7 days is the right time. But if you are a regular smoker then it cannot be said like this. And t also depends on other factors like age, metabolic rate, your habits, your addiction to other drugs and the like


  3. Mr. Tester says:

    I work in a lab and we have done many studies on benzoylecgonine. This is the metabolite that cocaine breaks down to and what is tested for.
    Have you ever noticed that the sites that tell you that “coke” stays in your system for over 8 days are mostly detox sites trying to sell you their wares?
    Even the HEAVIEST of users tested negative for benzoylecgonine after 8 days. Do I need to repeat this? Casual users (1 to 3 times a week) have had a negative test after 5 days.
    Drinking tons of water can fail you immediately. Most of the detox products are tested for now and will dilute your urine ultimately producing a “diluted” test and you will fail.
    Synthetic urine is a BIG, BIG, BIG mistake. This also is tested for.
    What is not tested for on a usual 5 panel screen? Methadone, Percocet and any other synthetic opiate. Codeine and Vicodin for example break down into Morphine.
    Most inhalants are not tested for.
    Best thing to do is to not do drugs. Time is the best cure. If you have a drug problem please get help.


  4. ElmiraStore says:

    @Mr Tester
    Great thought. Thanks for sharing. But staying away from drugs require will power. Not many really have this. If you have suggestions here, please let others know on that too


  5. johnny says:

    this is to mr. tester. although your info is contructive, your advise as not to use is obvious and insulting, oh really i shouldn’t use cocaine no sheet!! Obviously the people on this site want good advice not a lecture.


  6. dylan wheeler says:

    how long does the high last for?


  7. Stephanie says:

    Staying away from drugs takes more than will power…it takes work. Try NA. No, it’s not easy…I know from experience. Johnny…Mr.Tester wasn’t lecturing, he was offering up useful advice. Time and getting help is MUCH better than trying to trick drug tests to continue in your sickness. And Dylan…never long enough. you’ll be chasing it forever…get help, stop now.


  8. ElmiraStore says:

    The feeling of high would differ from person to person. High can last for a few hours since consumption. On a generic note, it can be there for 4-5 hours. But there are people who really don’t get high even after consuming good amount of drugs. It varies from person to person


  9. Mr. Sasha says:

    Mr. Tester

    Thank you for this information. Are you sure that after 3 weeks of last use, it will not show any thraces of benzoylecgonine for a casual user?


  10. john says:

    If i did a gram of coke 34 days ago, and just had my hair tested will it show up? I am not a frequent user, i have tried it in the past but that was over 6 months ago. Also i smoked half of a blunt 65 days ago and i also do not smoke frequently. will these make my levels higher then needed to pass?


  11. ElmiraStore says:

    What you say is absolutely true. It takes time for you to get out of it. Be careful and be patient if you are already into it. Also, let us know if you need help. We will help – tell us how and we will do the needful


  12. ElmiraStore says:

    Hair drug tests are very reliable. This cannot be guaranteed. But the mix of colorox, aloe veera and hydrogen peroxide ahs worked with the zydot shampoo. Get back if you need further details.


  13. rob says:

    i have not used cocaine in years and was thinking about doing it one time for fun. When i stopped using it i had no problems with staying away from it but i want to know how long it will be in my urine, does body size(fat)play a factor, what about a persons metabolism?


  14. jOE says:

    did a half gram friday but turned into saturday and stop using at 6am?
    had a urine test wendsday and drank a lil bit of water 10 11 cups and drank liquor all through out the weekend
    did i pass


  15. @rob
    Yes. Bodies size and metabolic rate play a major role in determining how long does cocaine stay in urine. However, on an average, it would be safe if you are out of it for at least 14 days before you go for a drug test. Usually this is believed to get out of urine within 6 days in case of an occasional smoker.


  16. @JOE
    IF you had not taken any detox, chances are likely that you might fail. Ask for a retest, wait some time, let us know. We will help you pass drug test.


  17. @dylan wheeler
    The feeling of euphoria lasts for at least a few hours. But then, this would entirely depend on the individual’s tolerance to the drug. Usually it can be said that this ranges between 2-7 hours.


  18. steph says:

    i took about half a gram of cocaine ( snorted ) will it show up after 6 days in a urine sample. iam a 17 year old female and weigh 160lb.



  19. YOBIYO says:

    I did about 4 lines of coce 05/17, i had not done coce since 2006, i have a drug test to do on Saturday 06/13 what are my chances of passing the test?
    I’m 32, 5’6 and weight 170


  20. Scott says:

    Mr. Tester.

    Thanks for the info! Very help full for someone like me. I did it one time and got tested about 20 days later.


  21. Donnie says:

    According to this gov site:,%202004).aspx

    Even the metabolites are not detectable in urine after a couple days, if it was a one-time use.


  22. drug tester says:

    cocaine is ‘water soluble’ and may not stay in your system longer than 4 hours. passed today


  23. Mike says:

    I had a drug test for probation and used 3 days prior did about a 16th will I pass


  24. fkd says:

    mr tester.. how can i pass a urine screen for sniffing a 3 small lines of cocaine! i dont know when the test will be, my luck monday morning, i did them friday night,early sat morning.. that benzoylegonine that you test for, is there a way to get that out! speed up the process.. bc when i wa a heavy user, it always stayed in my system for atleast 7 days.. i havent used in 1 yr, but i do have a slow metabloism bc i am on methadone.. i cannot test positive! please help! i also took a xanax, i wuld like to get that to be negative on the urine panel as well.. HEEELLLP!


  25. fkd says:

    also i am 27, 5’2 weight 150lbs


  26. QBANM says:

    i’m 5’7 143 lbs female used 6 very small lines of coke until 5am, have urine test on thursday at 6pm will i fail?


  27. lild says:

    I have been doing cocaine for thge past 3weeks. I am als on methadone and kolonapins. I haveto take a drug tst in 1.5 weeks only showing methadone and kolonapins. ay suggestions


  28. lild says:

    any advice. I am 125 lbs girl


  29. lild says:

    I want to pass his


  30. littlemiss says:

    TO Mr. Tester……. I used roughly 1.2 gram of coke 45 days ago. I have to take a hair test in 1 week. What are my chances of passing. Also has anyone on this site used a detox shampoo to help pass a drug test? If so what kind; what and how often were they using?


  31. microgaming says:

    Ok, the best thing is not to take drugs at all and if you do try to get help, but there are some ways to fool a test as shown in this post. Actually I was an athlete before and had to pass tests very frequently and never failed… and I was a usual consumer. It is all about knowing when are you going to be tested.


  32. tsmooth says:

    what if u just tested some on the tip of ur finger 2 your toungue and had drug test like 36 hours later?


  33. christmas gift baskets says:

    it depends what kind of test – 90 days blood, saliva, or piss – 2 – 5 days.Thank you.


  34. lolo says:

    Mr.Tester, i have relapsed and i cannot fail if i do they will send me to safe p its basicly a prison i have kids i know i messed up my question is if i used a small amount maybe 6 dots mixed with baking powder and cocaine 11-24-09 and i go report on 12-03-09 what do you think am i going to pass people tell me to drink lots of water some tell me to sweat it out i am a f 5’6 176lbsHELP me please. oh i take tramzpen and depokote….


  35. Rattan Dining Room Furniture says:

    Does drinking Cocaine energy drink cause you to test positive for cocaine on a drug test?


  36. kwpfunk says:

    I take 21 – prescribed “MEDS” I don’t use illegal drugs, but I have taken drug tests that came back positive. Marijuana & Cocaine, denying those false reading are very demeaning. I haven’t used any type of illegal drugs since my youthful days.
    I’m with Mr. Tester the best way too avoid positive testing is to just say ” NO.” Clean living is more exciting than living in a world with “CLOUDS” that fog up your visions. Judgements & decision makings are clear & meaningful if one has a purpose in their lives. I’m not lecturing anyone or trying to impose my will upon them, I’m just stipulating how anyone can accomplish their dreams if determination is their “FOCUS” purpose.
    I defeated drug use by determination, “NO” (REHABS) or attending drug programs or any enforced judicial laws. Anyone can do the same just old fashion will power.

    IN THE NAME OF J-E-S-U-S!!!!!!


  37. kwpfunk says:

    May I ask, what do boots & sunglasses have to do with the discussion here? I thought this was a “SITE” for helping others with related problems, drugs an etc;


  38. Drug Rehab says:

    I agree with Mr. Tester, I think it takes 5 days. However, why not be on the safe side and, if you really need t oget off drugs


  39. chris says:

    I am 23 years old 6,1 150 pounds i smoked 3 days ago i have not been using for a long time. I have a drug test tommorrow what are my chances of passing?


  40. LeeDogg says:

    Four years ago I tried to kill myself with 60mg. Xanax but only wound up in the hospital where they saved my life. When I left the hospital I directly checked into a Psychiatric Crisis center and hand-delivered the hospital’s report to the Psych. center. As I was riding to the Psych. center, I read through the hospital’s report and it showed up that I tested positive for cocaine! I had not even seen cocaine in at least 5 years, much less used any of it. I concluded that my urine sample had gotten contaminated somehow (I was on a catheter) or their lab was either dirty or sloppy. But now I am wondering if it had stored up in my fat for that long and showed up in their tox screen. As repeated many times here on this forum, better to stay away from All illegal drugs than have it ruin your life. I am preaching to myself here as I have spent the better part of my 57 years involved to differing degrees with the drug culture. Thankful I have been able to get out of it, AGAIN, and with my Lord Jesus’ help I will stay clean. Thank you for your site. It has been extremely helpful to me. Dogg


  41. Bobbie says:

    I was on Morphine for 3 years. I used to smoke crack as well, but haven’t had any in weeks. I went to a pain clinic which did a urine test which they say was positive for cocaine, but it should not have. Can Morphine break down and give a false positive for cocaine?


  42. Law Firm Marketing says:

    It’s very difficult to find how long does cocaine stay in your system.


  43. mecca says:

    hi I am not nor have I ever been on cocain. unfortunatly after having gone from 140lbs. to 70lbs in 9 months 10 years ago (due to a physical illness that was in no way my fault (I inhereted it from my mothers side of the family) i have been accussed of being a current or past crack fiend. im tired of living under the freeway picking up cans by the side of the road (its been 10 years!) due to my inability to get an apartment or job due to the belief that i am or have been a crack head! I need a test that can proove once and for all this is not & has never been the case. I AM INNOCENT!!!!!! please help me.


  44. Online Income Tax Filing says:

    3-5 days sometimes 7 if you use the narcotic on a regular basis.


  45. free business listing says:

    We drug test all our employees once a month, testing positive is an instant dismissal. You can’t mess around with this type of thing.


  46. Auctions Vintage Antiques says:

    SCARY! How long has cocaine stay in your body if you consume a small quantity one time in the last past 2 weeks? :)


  47. cricket world cup 2011 says:

    this kind of a test is a bit expensive yet it is recommended by doctors on several cases so as to derive the knowledge of the effect of cocaine on the body through circulation by blood. Here the blood sample of the person is taken and is subjected to medical tests in order to detect cocaine metabolites in the blood. Cocaine can be detected in the blood within minutes of its intake to as long as 5-6 hours after its single dose. The results of this test are the most sought after and is considered to be the most accurate of all.


  48. Stu says:

    I did one small line of coke on Fri I got a urine test on the Wed I never do it and I’m fit got quite a fast metabolism too do u think I have a chance of passing thanks


  49. Stu says:

    I did one small line of cocaine on Fri night I had a urine drug test on the following wed afternoon what do you think my chances of passing are thankyou


  50. metallicdeth says:

    I love how most people answer the question with out actual proof. Look I used to do coke a lot years ago and then I joined the service. I had to take I piss test before they sent me for my physical. It had been a week maybe less since I had last used and as to how much I’m not sure maybe 2 grahams and about 2 weeks since I last smoked a blunt of regular stuff. I failed the first time for just cocaine and the line on the test was just barely faded and he said it was to close for comfort and my buddy told me to go home and drink a lot of water I’m talking a water bottle about 1 pint in size all day and never let it get empty. 1 day later I was clean and pissing Aquafina but it was a little dip tester I think a 5 panel both times. I’m more than sure laboratory testing is much different and more precise so just a little FYI. Oh and I’ve never tried to see any kind of time or usage for a laboratory test. I think I have one coming in about a week from today. I did a graham and I don’t normally use any more but I’m gonna try to work some magic and see if I pass. I’ll let you know in a week what works or if it doesn’t. Oh another FYI drink monsters and hydrate after because monsters have niacin in them which will help clean your system but you have to make sure you hydrate.


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